Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I learn after throwing a party...

There were some ups and downs, highs and lows, goods and bads of throwing a party. After throwing a bbq party last night, I think it should be shared for everyone's pleasure.

1. Meat should be sliced very, very, very thinly.

2. Meat and chicken should be left marinated overnight, not just 3 hours....damn.

3. Never, ever feel ashamed or afraid to ask for help from friends...thanks hakim, adlan...MVP dowh korang...

4. Malaysians tend to be late for at least 15 minutes, remember that Aiman.

5. Be ready for some unexpected company...damn little

6. They were some unsporting people...suh ikut theme pun susah. Tak de baju konon...porraahhh!!! haha...

7. Them sporting people, you guys are sure to be on my list for any party I'll be throwing next time.

8. Girls are so insecure and cruel. Last minute cancelation friends coming along la...tak de baju so can't come la...takut nanti tak de gang la... The point of going to a party, IS TO MEET NEW PEOPLE AND HAVE FUN!!!! celaka...

9.Place to get food and place to chill should be placed not too far of a distance.

10. Have enough food; prepare for more than what you'd

11. Need to have something serious to dare with kalo maen game...JILAT!!! JILAT!!! haha...

12. People should say goodbye to the host when leaving the party...tak yah la tibe2 menghilang terus...

13. Girls don't trust me...celaka...

14. My social circle consist of mainly boys...celaka...

15. Pretty much of the lads are cool, sporting ones...great to invite to a party.

16. I never knew that people don't have at least one pair of rock oriented clothes at their house.

Last but not least...

17. Tight-ass jeans will at first kill and suffocate your balls, but, lame2, it feels kinda

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. With that, I'd finished my first ever 30th blog entry in my entire life. Hope you guys enjoy it....cheers.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't blame me, blame my gender.

Heads up, before this thing starts, yeah, this post, will indeed have something to do with my gender; being a male, having testosterone, doing manly stuffs, FANTASISING and other things that are within the realms of your imagination.

Note the bolded word, yeah, gonna talk about that now. Before reading this, don't be a bloody killjoy, don't close your mind, break away from your stereotype-mold of a person, and lastly, DON'T TRY TO BE ALL NAIVE.

Every time I see a pretty lady walking past me by the street, I WILL MAKE HER KNOW THAT I'M CHECKING HER OUT; with my eyes slightly arched downwards, with my mouth closed, with my eyeballs slowly and surely following the direction of her movement, and when she walked passed me, I turn around to check-out her rear view, and also to see whether she turns back to make sure that I was checking her out. All of these are done under the main condition that she was walking alone, with no male counterparts walking besides her that society deems as her mate or that there won't be any misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or bodily harm...haha.

There were lots of different reactions that were pretty amusing and at the same time, awesome.

There were women that looked back at me, with their eyes arched upwards, smilling, making a cute face, and their heads slightly tilted to the left or right, as if asking me the question: "What do you think?"

There were women that looked back and after realising me looking at them, quickly turned their heads back around as if saying: "Stop're making me blush.."

There were women, of course, that gave no reactions at all...arrogant bastards...

There were women, don't act surprised, that walked back towards me and asked directly: "Were you checking me out?"

There were women, again, don't act surprised, that walked back towards me and shouted at me: "Pervert!!!"

I could go on and on about them different reactions but decides to stop now for the good of mankind...haha.

Everytime I see a nice pic, either beautiful, cute, sexy, classy or any other superlatives that you could find to describe a woman in a good manner, in Myspace or Facebook accounts of the opposite sex that are my acquaintances or not, I would of course share it with my fellow peeps and comment about it.

"Nape la dia ni cun sangat.."


"Bapak cun la sial!!!"

"Holy SHIT!!!"

"Curves dia...maut bhai..."

"Tak leh lagi putih ke muke dia ni.."

"Mata japanese anime wey..."

"Mesti best kan balak dia..."

"Aku rase mak dia ni pun mesti cun gak..."

The conversations stated above are some of the many examples of the things that use to come up when I share nice pics of women with the lads that.....appreciate the beauty of women the same way as I do and the fact that they are showing it for us to look, yeah, ni kira cam favourite past-time hobby kitorang gak la...haha. Oh, and the pics weren't restricted from social networking sites only, female artists yang cun2 pun kitorang layan gak...

Everytime I meet a friend or any new acquaintances, that are of course of the opposite sex, I would thoroughly "scan" her to see which part of her body that she is showing off and screaming to the public, especially men: "Do not touch the merchandise boys..."

When she is trying to push out her facial features by enhancing them details that make them stand out, like great hair, red-blood lipsticks, thick black mascara, or anything elses that make men notice her face, yeah, I will notice it alright. When she thinks that I'm not looking, yeah, I will in fact make my imagination work overtime. I will imagine her with different types of hair, different length, different styles and different colour. I will imagine how she would look like without her makeup, with different colour of foundation, blusher, and different colour of lipsticks. I will imagine her with glasses or with contact lenses.

If she's wearing them tight-ass jeans, yeah, you guessed it alright, I would focus on her arse when she turns around so that I would get a clearer picture of the shape and proportions. And the same thing goes if she was pushing the two elements up north. I would curi2 check her breasts out, just to get an idea of the shape and size. To determine whether it was appropriate with her body frame or not. A short-framed woman with a big ass, yeah, if could sometimes both be a blessing and a curse....depends on the situation of course. But I just couldn't find a fault when it comes to women with plenty of mammary glands to go around with. Again, don't blame me, blame my gender.

My point being, I told some of my female friends of mine that are pretty close to me about this habit of mine, many of them gave mixed reactions...both almost all agreed that I should keep it to myself. But, knowing that I'm just too curious to know on how people would react if they knew this, I must admit that it's just too hard to keep it in...haha.

Some might argue that I'm a pervert, but seriously, dah diorang nak tunjuk, dah diorang nak people firstly recognise them by the physical characteristics that they want people to firstly recognise them with, I think it's pretty unfair to give me that passive-aggressive treatment if I don't even had a chance to start with don't you think?

Oh, and don't think that I'm the only weirdo that's with this "disease". If you women wanna show it so badly, we men will in fact receive it, helly yeah, enjoy it with open arms. Don't be pissed off because frankly speaking, we men are secretly admiring you and are indeed attracted and is giving full attention towards the "attributes" that you women are showing off and wanting us to give attention to in the first place. And think this as favor from me to you women that are reading this because basically, I am telling you ladies the things that are sometimes in the minds of men everywhere.

Damn it...I would probably have more male enemies after this for revealing our deepest darkest "secret" to you guys of the female species... Oh, and any House fans out there, regarding the title of this entry, could you guys tell me which episode it came from? haha...

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. With that, I'd finished my first ever 29th blog entry in my entire life. Hope you guys enjoy it....cheers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Am I just that pathetic or just too cool? bloody month since my last post... Anyway, let's cut the foreplay. Back to the topic of my entry...hmmm, I don't know how to put it, or where to put it, this is because I think I spend too much time alone...all by myself....with nobody else in sight. Don't believe me? Well, please take some of these few cases into account then....

Case 1

Believe it or not, it'd been quite a long time, 2 months to be precise, since I had breakfast with someone other than myself sitting on the same table. Yeah, 2 months... I don't know if it's any big of a matter to any of you but I don't know la...for the first few days, I felt nothing was wrong. Eating alone all by myself in the morning is a perfectly normal thing to do. 2 or 3 weeks later I was starting to check out other people with their partners or friends that are having breakfast around terms of their newspapers, their clothes, their shoes, the things they eat and all them other petty stuffs. After that period of time, I was starting to think about stuffs. I started to doubt my communicating skills, I started to lose focus, strangely, lost some of my appetite and yeah, up to a certain degree, I started to wonder whether I was just not that normal to start with....haha.

Case 2

When my mom told me that my room was starting to smell like me, I gave little attention to it. I brushed it aside thinking that it was another one of my mom's lame attempt to clean up my room....haha. I don't know how, after coming back from playing football one evening, I went straight into my room to take my towel before one defining odour stopped me on my tracks. I thought that something was up so I went back out of my room and yeah, the odour went away, just like that. So I came back in and boom, the scent came back. I think I am able to define the smell, break it up to smaller segments so that it would give you an idea of what I was dealing with at that time. You know that new car smell right? That plus some scent of men perfume that your father always use and that hair-gell smell...haha.

So I frantically checked my room to search for any old clothes, towels, bedsheets or things that contributed to the smell but found nothing. I was mystified, frustrated, and up to a certain degree, quite angry actually because I am pretty sure that my sense of personal hygiene is not that bad. Suddenly, words of my mom the other day was ringing in my ear. That smell....was that my smell? haha...pikir punye la pikir, I couldn't find some logical sense to turn it around and over the particular puzzle so yeah, I accept jer la.. But seriously, other than this particular huge mountain of unfolded clothes, a layer of dust, visible through the naked eyes, that was covering the furnitures and tiles of my room, and books that could need a wee-bit more effort of putting away, yeah, I think I was doing quite okay actually.

While I was looking around, just l like that, boom, I think I know why my room has this so-called "my scent" lingering in it...yeah, you guessed it, I spent too much time in my room. There's 24 hours in one day, I spent approximately 14-16 hours a day in it doing stuffs that are private...haha. Maybe my body odour kinda got stucked onto the bed, the floor, the furniture....I don't know la...could anyone tell me? haha..

Case 3

I couldn't remember when was the last time I went out to hang out together with people that are not as the same sex as other words, with girls...haha. The things that you're thinking in your head right now, those are not the reasons behind my worries. My main concern is whether the opposite sex would think me of someone that is not...normal...haha. I asked the lads, yeah, the say I'm normal. I asked them lassies that I know pretty well, yeah, they too say that I'm normal. My view and desire towards the opposite sex never changed, and I never see guys in ways that are....aduyai...lost for words... Mai, fill in the blanks with some fancy word that you know...haha.

Do girls find the tendency of wanting to be alone somehow freakish? Weird? Because seriously, I need to break this "lucky" streak that I'm in right now...haha.

Case 4

What will happen when you watch a little too much comedy shows all the time? You'll start to think that everything is funny and starts to take your foot off the pedal a little bit more. Yeah, it's not wrong to not take everything so seriously...but what's concerning is when you take matters that are supposed to be dealt seriously a little too lightly. My brother, he skipped sekolah agama one time too many, and I busted him. Instead of busting his head off with loud and harsh words, I smiled at gave him a little laugh. I don't know what was his reaction seeing me laughed because he was expecting something else...haha.

Because you see, I love to kill time by watching comedy tv shows. Someway, somehow, that is enough to make me forget my loneliness, and make me think that being alone is not that bad of a thing to be in. But, I don't know guys tell me.

Case 5

You guys ever had this feeling of don't want to be in the same room with that particular person? I don't know how to say this...but I think I am uneasy to be in the same confined place with people that I know. I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond in my mom's room, my mom came in, and like an immediate automatic reaction, I stood up and went out of the room....haha. While being in a car travelling long distances, if it's with my mom, I must be the one who's driving in order for my mom to fall asleep...haha. If not driving, I would plug in my earphones to listen to music or play my take my mind away from the current moment and position... 10 or 15 minutes of doing nothing and having empty conversations, yeah, that's fine with me... But longer than that, I often have trouble coping with it...aduyai...

Guys, the things that are mentioned here, I am indeed aware of it being a problem. But because of me enjoying spending time alone by myself, I just don't know how to react or cope with it. Could anyone please help me ease this pain and get it off my back?

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. With that, I'd finished my first ever 28th blog entry in my entire life. Hope you guys enjoy it....cheers.