Saturday, August 29, 2009

White lies....

This thing had bothered me for quite some time now...especially after knowing a sensational revelation a few days back that I must admit managed to rocked my world... A white lie, something that is subjective yet ironically, people have this tendency to view it as an obligation of usage when it comes for the saving of a particular person of interest...especially when it involves feelings.

So my question is, what and where is that ultimate borderline which separates our conscience into telling that particular person that it is enough, it is time to tell the truth or ok, this thing I'm doing, is for the best interest of everyone, so it's not a bad thing.

You and this particular friend of yours, you guys are one heck of a bloody great team. You guys had been best friends through thick and thin. Both of you shared the joys and pain of life, both of you were there for each other when anyone of you needs the other half in desperate times. You two are like brothers or sisters, but only of different mothers. But, you knew all of the bad things that the other half had done. You told him or her that they should stop doing all them bad deeds. But no, the other half didn't listen...they kept on doing the stuffs that are morally wrong...and, they asked for you to unconsciously enable all them bad things that they're doing...example, by not telling his or her parents the truth about the things that their child had done behind their backs. In your mind, yeah, for old time's sake, for best friends sake, a white lie won't harm anybody.

Another situation, you and your bf or gf had been together for quite some time. Amidst the joy, fun and thrill of having a soul mate, you think that the special one is flaw is possible in front of your eyes that might depict him or her in a negative manner. One particular date together, your mate tells you that it should be time for both of you to try out "something new". The possibilities of the term "something new" is abstract and's up to you readers to judge what are the possible "new" things that are morally wrong, and most importantly, against what your religion is all about. I will not touch on matters such as these. Your mate asks you whether you're ok with it or not, you wanted to say no, but in your mind, yeah, for coupling's sake, for the sake of being in the moment, for your mates sake, for the sake of trying new things out, for the sake of not being dumped, you say it's ok, a white lie won't harm anybody.

Different situation, you found out that one of your siblings had done something bad, something horribly bad that it's simultanaeously horrible and disgusting. If that particular sibling of yours is older than you, he or she will just give you that look of "DO NOT BLOODY TELL NO ONE ABOUT THIS...IF NOT, YOU'RE SCREWED!!!". If you're older than that particular sibling of yours, he or she will just give you that "Please don't tell anyone about this....I'm begging you, nobody needs to know. Please have mercy on me..." look. Your conscience is telling you to do the right thing, but in your mind, yeah, for siblings sake, for the sake of having mercy, for the sake of not humiliating your siblings, for the sake of being a supposedly good older influence, for the sake of not being hated for the rest of your life, for the sake of not receiving the cold shoulder treatment, you shut that conscience up, and say that it's ok, a white lie won't harm anybody.

Last one, your friend uses your other friend in order to get something out of the victim. After finally achieving the aim, your friend is starting to have doubts and guilt over the whole thing that had happened to the victim. But the victim didn't realised it, so your friend is asking you not to tell the victim over what had happened to him or her without they knowing it. Your conscience is telling you to do the right thing, but in your mind, yeah, for friends sake, for the sake of not hurting anybody's feelings, for the sake of some things should just be kept secret, for the sake of not wanting to make matters worst, for the sake that time itself would be enough to heal the wound and cover up the mistake, you shut your conscience up, and say that it's ok, a white lie won't harm anybody.

People, what is it that drives us to succumb to the whispers and allure of this particular conception of being a saviour, or being a soul that needs saving? Is it trully possible to save anyone based on lies? Can the definiton of a lie be altered only because you think it's not a bad thing to do so? Could the consequences of dealing with lies be thrown away simply because of our intentions? Is it possible to get away from the true consequences of lying? And most importantly, is it ok for you to lie in order to escape another police ticket?

Oh, and don't get me wrong. I do deal in lies...EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Lying to me is like porn, without it, MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE!!! haha... I'm asking because yeah, I am just that curious.... And damn it, don't make it look so bloody obvious that you're trying to judge me as a bad person...I admitted before of being a hypocrite, we all are, the only difference is whether we show it for others to see or not. At least now I can watch porn with this bloody monkey off my

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. With that, I'd finished my first ever 23rd blog entry in my entire life. Hope you guys enjoy it...cheers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

People with power.

Well, my heart opens up to write on the above subject as to the fact I was pulled over by two cops while on my way to Alamanda last night. I had always been wondering, for them people who are influential in something, any particular thing, do they actually know that they're in some way, somehow, playing God?

Back to the cops thing. Ok, I was pulled over by two cops because apparently, they somehow blocked this secluded road on route to Alamanda by pulling over people that they SUSPECT to have broken the law only by glancing upon them for like only 3 or 5 seconds. And I thought that because the road was supposed to be secluded, what are the chances of meeting a bloody cop right, furthermore two of them...but yeah, somehow, all the 8 planets managed to allign themselves, all the powers in the cosmos banded together so that on that particular night, on a particular road where it was supposed to be secluded, on a particular road that I always took before this without bumping into any cops, on that particular trip to Alamanda, precisely at that particular moment, yeah, they're this two bloody cops...damn it... Oh, and I was riding with a friend as my passenger...double damn it...

They asked for my license and IC, so I gave it to them without any complaints...they got two bloody guns for God's sake. My fist strikes hard and fast, but not faster than a speeding bullet... Anyway, up till that moment and time, I could only hope that I wouldn't get a ticket because my license was only L and I pasted no L on my bike. Crossing my fingers, I was preparing my mind to think out of an elaborate excuse, A.K.A a white lie in order to flee another ticket. Mind you that I already had a RM 300 fine that was still waiting for me at home embracing me everytime I entered through the front door of my room with it's despicable and sarcastic laugh...celaka. And my mom doesn't know about

"Bang, L mane? Tak lekat pun kat moto.."

"Erm, ni moto first ade lekat...kat umah."

"Pastu L, tapi bawak orang. Mane leh camtu dik..." It seems that after looking at my IC, only then they realised that I was only a bloody 18 year

"Tak, dah buat P dah...baru jer last week buat. Tak dapat lagi..." Yeah, a white lie...

"Dah setahun baru nak buat P?" Oh shit, he's right. Come on Aiman, THINK!!!

"Tu sebab ade dua bro. Pass lesen kete lu...baru moto." REBOUND!!! lol...

"Abis tu, tak kan la banyak kali kot fail moto..."

I swallowed my pride...

"Lima kali bro...haha... Tak power ar pasal moto ni..." I was trying to make him feel that I'm this dush, so that he'll think that I'm inferior than him, giving him this illusion that he has authority over the whole situation....yeah, I'm an evil genius!!! Fist bump.....

They gave this little expression to each other that I was this budak kampung or something. I was kinda disgusted, but anything to escape a

"So bro, ni kene saman ke tak ni?"

"Nak kene ke tak?"

"Kalo boleh, bagi warning je boleh tak?" Fingers crossed, I kept quite and hoped for the best.

"Ok, dah, gerak. Laen kali aku jumpa ko tak lekat P, siap ko..."

I told my partner to get back on the bike, and we both continued our journey to Alamanda.

After that little thing with the police, with the law to be precise, I wanna ask my dear readers, what makes people think that they can play God all of a sudden? To be frank, first of all, I'm jealous with people with power...because I don't have as much power as they do. Secondly, I pity them because they're such a pathetic reason of a human being when they abuse their power and authority. Lastly, they use their authority and influence to make decisions that could alter a person's life.

I still remember my MARA loan interview last March, for the final question, they asked:

"What question do you want to ask us my boy?" I was kinda hoping that this sort of question would come out because I practiced in front of the mirror with the question a bloody lot of times. When the question came, yeah, like Barney Stinson seeing Asian girls with big boobs in bars, my mouth became all watery all of a

"Erm, no offence, but I want to ask that what makes you three people think that you guys are capable and qualified to judge a young boy or girl based on some 5 minutes interview and a resume on his past achievements in school? Is it because you guys are much older than us? You guys are more experienced than us? You guys had done this thing for such a long time that you guys are experts in decoding any person in 5 minutes time? I mean do you think that you guys are willing to hold responsible to answer to The Big Guy above one day because of the answer between a "YES" or a "NO" could somehow effect a person's life, possibly denying a person of a better future because you guys managed to succesfully decode a person in 5 minutes time into being eligible or not into accepting this loan?"

Yeah, they answered...but I wasn't quite listening because I was pretty tired at that particular time and my mind was already set on getting to bed once I reached

Dear readers, my point being, it had always intrigued me on how these people with power managed to sleep at night knowing that they're the only ones that are comforting themselves, telling themselves that they had made all the right decisions on matters regarding other people. I mean, do they actually have this power into controlling their conscience and manipulate them into telling themselves that they are indeed capable and have every rights to control such powers to determine the outcomes of others that were supposed to be carved out by the other people themselves?

My advice, to them aspiring leaders, just think about it very thoroughly when you're about to have power in your hands to decide the outcomes of many different important things that will effect many different things either directly or indirectly. I trully believed that I could be just one question away from not getting that MARA loan because to be frank, without the question that I'd just asked them, they'll probably think that I'm just this normal biggie...there are many people like me in this world...I'm just not THAT guy that they're searching for...not THAT guy that contains the X-factor...

Only now I trully understood the meaning of:

"With great powers come great responsibilities..."

Again, Hollywood, thank you....

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. With that, I'd finished my first ever 22nd blog entry in my entire life. Hope you guys enjoy it...cheers.