Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson.

I was preparing myself for a brief trip to Alamanda with a couple of my friends early Friday morning, after finishing the chores my mom ORDERED me to do, we finally ride Alan's white MyVi to Alamanda to buy Transformers tickets for later that day.

We were 5 minutes into the trip when Alan said

" Ko tau tak Michael Jackson meninggal pagi tadi...pukul 5.. " I was shocked and flabbergasted to know the news. At first I didn't believe it...

" Serious? "

" Ye...kul 5 pagi tadi... "

" 5 waktu US ke Malaysia? "

" US...kalo ko x caye, ni, semua radio pasang lagu Michael Jackson.. " He turned up the radio, and Michael Jackson songs were almost on all the radio stations.

I was shocked...the very core of my soul were rocked due to the fact that...another entertainer, if not the greatest of all time, which had brought joy and wonder to millions of people worldwide with his songs and music videos, will never ever grace the entertainment scene any longer.

He's MJ, you're don't have anything to connect with him, he doesn't even know your existence, why are you making such a big fuss out of this you asked? Yes, you're right...he's famous, he's THE Michael Jackson and I'm just some dude from Malaysia who he doesn't even know exists...but his death brought sadness in my heart due to the fact that his songs...connected to me in many different ways that managed to brought many different feelings into life for the past 15 years of my life.

But still, you're just another fan, like millions worldwide...MEDIOCRE. So don't think that you're special in any way possible you say? Haha...well, if you only know two of his songs, which I can tell is Beat It and Smooth Criminal, then I'll say you're in no position to say anything.... Besides, this is a tribute, so don't mess it up only because your ass is too big for your mouth to swallow.

I still remember my first ever Michael Jackson song, the Earth Song. I was chilling watching NTV 7 early in the morning with music videos that they aired. I was 9 at that particular time and the music video, with all things going backwards. Destroyed buildings, fallen tress, dead animals, African natives, and even a dead person coming back into life...that music video and song just stuck in my head, stuck in my heart till now and that was the catalyst for me to learn more about MJ and his songs, thus becoming a huge fan of his.

I still remember going back to Kluang with my family, them road trips where I would tell my mom to bring out MJ's Thriller album where we, at least me, would listen to songs like Beat It, Billie Jean, and Thriller all through the 2 hour trip over and over and over again...kesian diorang...haha. I can still remember me playing air guitar, along with Eddie Van Halen when his guitar solo part comes in Beat It... I can still remember trying to eat my sister and act like a zombie when listening to Thriller...haha. I can still remember of trying to dance like Micheal when listening to Billie Jean. I was around 10 or 11 so I didn't know much about the lyrics and its' meanings..I was only enjoying the sound produced by the great entertainer.

I listened to Bad and Smooth Criminal when I felt sexy, good and mischievous...haha. I listened to Man in the Mirror when I was feeling about doing some soul searching. Catchy love songs like It's The Falling in Love, Pretty Young Thing, Baby Be Mine, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, and The Way You Make Me Feel are what I listened to when I was pumped full with testosterone and crazy about girls...haha.

Give In To Me, is the song I listened to when I was determined to own something..haha. Dirty Diana, the song I listened to when my heart was broken many times and when girls disappointed me...I sang along with Michael, only changing the Diana part with the names of the girls that I was frustrated with...somehow, it's cool yet pathetic...haha.

I listened and sang along with MJ's You Are Not Alone when I was feeling sad and lonely. I listened to You Rock My World when I was dreaming about impressing girls...haha. And lastly, I sang Black or White when I was chilling with my African friends at Lagenda...haha.

You see fellas, whether Michael is a bad or good guy, with his whole child molestation thingy, one thing is for sure, because when it comes to entertaining people with songs and powerful lyrics, throw away all the negative talks because he is trully, The King of Pop.

Micheal, whether you're looking on up or down on me, I just want you to know that it had been a privilege for me to listen to your songs. You managed to influence my life through your songs and even my mom could rarely managed to do that..and she's my mom!!! haha.

I will miss you dearly... Your songs, your dance moves, your music videos will forever be in my heart if God let me to. And I will try my best to bring the joy and wonders that you'd managed to bring to me through your songs to my friends and families so that they too can appreciate your works. See you again Micheal, hopefully, in the Afterlife. And may you rest in peace....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love, is it over glorified?

When a person is questioning the power of love, he or she is regarded by society into being either homosexual, bisexual, transexual, paedophilliac, or a serial rapist because he or she could no longer find love or affection in a way that is normal...haha. That is my this conundrum that had been bugging me since I know that 13, the hot female character from House M.D, was bisexual...damn...haha..

Anyway, why this topic came into hand is because there was this one time, a bloody long time ago, that I thought love was a sacred thing. Based on the books, novels, and movies that I encountered before, which were largely influenced by Hollywood, I always thought that I will end up being a knight in shining armour, riding his trusted steed, off rescuing my dream danzel in distress where we will eventually fall in love, have lots of kids(WHICH IS A MUST..haha), and live happily ever after. Ahhh...good times...but thanks to House, that was a far cry and now, I kinda despise those who are in offence...haha.

I came across a few of my friends, which led a different life from me, in which they told me that they had already had...wait for it,
this is going to be legendary...

And what was more shocking than the fact that most of them were as old as me was that their partners...girls as young as 13 years old, whom are just knowing the harshnest of live, had been penetrated by the male organ of love... I asked them that they do know that they can be sent to jail by having sex with a minor...and their replies were:

" Dah diorang nak dulu..aku pon tebok jer la.. "

" Ala...diorang tu yang nak sangat...mula-mula start raba...pastu diorang nak lebih, aku pun sapu!! "

" Tebok x pecah...tebok setakat cocok-cocok jer... "

And I was like.... " WHAT THE FUCK... "

I wasn't being judgemental...well I was just a little bit...haha. I was trying to understand what was the feeling of doing that, what are the causes because I never experienced it, HONEST!!!, and I was quite curious...haha..


" Bapak ar giler... Ko tau zaman aku, nak pegang, nak sentuh, NAK BAU PERFUME DIORANG pun susah ko tau tak!!?? " was my reply....haha..

" Tu la ko...sape suruh x nak wey... "

" Aku nak tanye, pompuan sekarang murah ke ataupun korang power....sebab budak umor 13 tahun pun korang leh dapat... "


" Serious!!?? " haha...kantoi cam tu jer aku x caye...

" Hmmm, betul kot cakap ko...mungkin la yang pompuan sekarang ni...dak2 sekolah sekarang ni..murah... "

Seriously, I was flabbergasted. I thought all these while that these stuffs that were happening, are only in AMERICA!!! Not in Malaysia... My God...

" So camne? Best x? "

" WO!!! KETAT!!! Nangis2 diorang.. "

I gave out a brief smile...and a laugh to hide the facts that these people, are living practically behind my house. In the same residential area...damn. I never asked them whether they felt guilty or not because I never like having a conversation with others regarding religion...

Anyway, that's the first case. Second case is where I find this particular profile in Myspace. A few days ago, I was doing some of them paedophilliac activities, browsing through Myspace searching for my next victim...seriously, I didn't do that...haha...just trying to see whether you guys are still with me. Anyway, I came across this particular one because the default pic was quite cute. I thought the girl was like in form 2 or 3. But she was only....

wait for it...
12 years old.

The one thing that struck me so hard that I can felt it all the way through my ass was...

wait for it...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....this is too funny!!!

And it turned out that her boyfriend, was also a 12 year old...because he always play football in front of my house and I know him. Sweet Lord...two 12 year olds...already committing like married couples...with marriage vows...I don't know what to think anymore...

Third case, I came across lots of profiles in Myspace where couples, in particular girls, declaring their love out loud for the public to know... Profile siap are gambar partner masing2, ayat jiwang2 and geli, and yang paling annoying, bende kecik kat tepi tu, ade gambar katun laki ngan pompuan tengah jalan across a ruler or something, stating that they had already been together for how long...

First few times, I thought it was funny. When it isn't that funny anymore, I tried to figure out a reason on why these people are doing it.

My conclusion:

They are trying to stamp out a statement to society, to the public, to their social circle in particular, how much is their "value". It's like rappers these days showing off their Humvees, their tricked out Escalades, their blings and stuffs. What they are trying to do is that they are stating that they are powerful, famous and rich.

This goes the same to them couples that are showing off their partners and " their power of love " for everyone to see.

Check out my girl man...she's so bloody cute and pretty, I'm sure that I'm better than you because I have her and you don't and if she decides to leave me, I can get girls out there that are way hotter if not as pretty as her.

Bitches, be jealous. This dude is mines...look at us with anger and envy because what you want, is what you can't have. You are trying to be like us, LIKE ME, and that's pathetic...

I admit that I was jealous to know that a certain guy could get one heck of a bloody girl, but beneath that, I know that these people who are doing these things, are trying too hard to cover up their superficiality until they don't know how to lie. Give me one good reason, in regards to love, on why they are doing these thing...JUST ONE RATIONAL REASON, and I'll take all my words back.

To everyone that are reading this, I'm not being bias, maybe just a little bit, but I am trying pretty hard to understand the reasons on why these things are happening, that are slowly but surely compromising and tarnishing the good name of love.

And girls, please do not take any of my words personally. I love you guys, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I respect you guys because I have a pretty powerful, influential, and great woman in my life that had proven to me what women can do but I'm just trying to be as open as possible, as reasonable as possible, on discussing these problems. I am wondering, for the first case, is it really really really true that school girls these days....are more open about their....sexuality and willingness to try new things if compared to their conservative counterparts 3 or 4 years ago? When a 12 year old knows these things, it will really make you think things...haha.

I want to believe that love is still sacred, love is still strong, love is the reason on why the Earth is spherical, that makes the world go round, but with the few examples that I had given you, I really do hope that it would make you think twice on this thing that we take for granted, it's true meaning and value.

So there you have it...ladies and gentlemen, with that, my first ever 16th blog entry in my life is finished...haha.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The things that girls had done to me...

I don't know why, but for these past few days, weeks in fact, there is this one bloody thing that keeps on circulating in my mind over and over and over again. This thing is stuck in my head thus leading me to write a new entry about it. Since you guys had read the title, SPOILER ALERT, it's about women.

I kept on thinking about them, like...more than once a day. Don't know why... And mind you, it's not due to me watching to much porn...or is it? haha..Seriously ladies, it's not because of that...

Anyway, after a few days doing some soul searching of my own, I decided that it is time for me to do a tribute to the women that had rocked my world, either physically or mentally, or sexually or not sexually...haha.

This tribute is written according to a timeline which starts from 1991 till 2009. I will try my best to remember all the girls and all the stuffs that they had done to me....sound so bloody horny..haha.

-This particular girl gave birth to me. She nursed me inside her belly for 9 months, giving me all the tender loving care that every man should receive. But sadly, I can't remember a thing...haha. When delivering me is due on the 15th of March, the doctor decided that I was too bloody big and decided to let me die in her belly. BUT SHE SAID NO!!! She said she will risk a C-Section in order for me to live...and I did. You guys do know that I was just dramatising the last part right? To add a little bit of suspense...haha. Of all the women that I had met, this girl is the most special, awesomest, coolest, amazingest, and legendariest one...haha.

-The girl I mentioned above gave birth to another important girl in my life. I envy her because she came out of my mother the natural way...damn. And I started to feel that she is taking all the spotlight and attention...haha.

-A girl gave me my first ever birthday party that I can remember.
-A girl made me cried so hard because we were moving from Selayang to Kajang, leaving all my good friends there.

-A particular girl gave me my first ever Lego set. From that day onwards, I know that I will eventually become an engineer.

-A girl gave me my first bicycle. From that day onwards, I know that I will eventually become a Moto GP rider.
-A girl introduced me to another girl and then she introduced me to a boy that some people say is my twin but only of different skin colour...haha. And thank God, up to this day, I'm very thankful to have met that boy...

-For the first time in my life, I met a lot of girls that are whiter and fairer than me. And they speak of a language that I do not understand.
-A girl speaks of a language that I don't understand, and blaming me for it...=_='
-They are girls that made me feel inferior and lonely.
-A special girl came into my life by teaching me the secrets and technique to speak and understand the language that once made me feel like a lesser form of life.

-The first girl that I mentioned above, gave birth to a boy. And this boy, came out the same way I did..because he was too big. But not as big as me...haha.

-A girl made me felt all warm and fuzzy inside, even though I do no know what it was at that particular time.
-Three girls helped carry me to meet a doctor after I had twisted my ankle...haha.
-A girl showed me that discipline is the only thing that is important to become a success.
-A girl whipped my ass...or is it hands, with a cane in front of everyone..haha.
-A girl made me felt afraid of her.
-A girl made me felt afraid towards Chinese spelling...haha.
-A girl made me felt inferior again...haha.

-A girl kept doing the things from 2000...damn...
-A girl made me sat in a special place...DAMN...
-A girl made me start to hate her.
-A girl made me feel powerless.
-I started to treat a girl....differently from other girls...haha.

-A girl kept doing the things from 2000 and 2001...not a word..
-A girl made me hate Mathematics.
-A girl beat me in's not funny guys...haha.
-A girl showed me the funny side of English.
-A girl made me feel a little bit of hatred towards English
-A girl showed me the wonders of Chest...or was is CHESS...haha.
-A girl showed me the wonders of Chinese Chess.
-A girl made me act differently in front of her.
-A girl made me try to be cool.
-A girl made me wait besides her bus everyday before she goes home.
-A girl made me think things...

-A girl, yes, you guessed it, kept on doing the stuffs from 2000, 2001, and 2002...=_='
-The same girl, stopped doing it by the end of the year...YEAY!!! haha.
-A girl made me loved Mathematics back.
-A girl made me felt that I could achieve a great result in UPSR...haha.
-I beat a girl in badminton...LEGENDARY!!
-A girl showed me the wonders of hip hop.
-A girl made me cry....damn...
-A girl showed me that, all the things she had done in the past, was for my goodness sake.
-I think I started to know what was the feeling I had for the girl back in was called, a CRUSH...haha..
-A girl made me talked about her with my boy friends...haha.
-A girl made me had a little rivalry with a particular boy...hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
-A girl made me said stupid and moronic things to a boy....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...the special one who's reading this, you know what is it right?
-A lot of girls were cheering me on as I was involved in a rope pulling competition...^^ haha..
-A girl made me felt so sad because it was time for us to say goodbye...sumpah bangang...haha.

-I was in a new environment where all the girls, were pretty much that are of the same colour as me...and I was feeling weird...haha.
-I was talking to girls not like how I talked to them back during my late 90s and early 00s...haha..
-I started to have feelings for lots of girls...ye2, gelak la kuat2..celaka...
-At least two girls made me felt mentally inferior.
-I was appointed leader to all the boys and girls in my class..
-BUT the girls revolted and planned an uprising. The girls break through the doors of my house while I was sleeping, killed my wife and kids, dragged me with me only in my underwear, brought me to a execution square, where I was unjustly crucified and burnt my body for the reason that I was a devil la, they just reported to the teacher and the teacher summoned me.
-Girls made me felt so ashamed of being incapable of being a leader.
-I let go of my post as I was too bloody angry with the girls.
-I started to hate girls...and began liking la...just the first part..haha.

-I was shocked as I was picked as a candidate as class president...and to know that it was the girls that planned my downfall last term who were the ones that suggested my name, I was like....what the fuck?
-I won the fight for the presidency with another candidate who succeded me last term and to my amazement, it was the girls who planned my downfall last term that voted for me...celaka...
-And to further make things confusing, my vice president, was the same girl who was my vice president last term that was the leader to the uprising.
-I wasn't as straight forward as I was back then so I decided to keep it to myself, working cautiously with the girls in my class, especially those from the asrama...damn...
-As months went by, I started to actually thought that the girls had changed. And working together with them were actually quite fun.
-Girls think that I talked too what? haha...
-Girls think that I laughed too much and too loud....HAHAHA???
-Girls think that I was too big...BLAME GOD YOU MORRONS!!!

-I met girls who understood my humour...haha.
-I met girls who tolerated my hornyness...haha.
-I met girls who laughed as loud as me...haha.
-I met girls who were quite cool...and open.
-I was made class president again, made me thought that I HAD POWER OVER WOMEN! haha...
-I started to flirt with girls.
-I started to look at girls when they don't know that I'm looking...stalker? haha...
-I started to like lots of girls...ye2, gelak la kuat2 lakhnat!!!
-This particular girl made me felt like how it was back at 2000.
-A girl made me do stupid things...
-A girl made me embrace the feminie side of me...waduh...
-A girl made me went all romantic...haha..
-A girl became my first professional more-than-friends mate...haha.
-A girl made me bought lots of chocolates for her.
-A girl made me changed tuition centres because of wanting to be close with her.
-A girl made me confess my feelings via Friendster....hahahaha...dah2, it's not that funny.
-A girl made me thought that I was on top of the world.
-A girl made me feel loved.
-A girl made me thought that this happiness will never end.
-A girl made me being friends with her girl friends...haha.

-A girl made me go to an all boys school....=_='
-I started to miss girls.
-I was starting to become crazy because of lack of girls....haha.
-A girl made me missed her very deeply.
-A girl made me dump her, via the phone.
-A girl made me felt lonely.
-A girl, made me hate numbers....ADD MATHS....celaka....
-A girl, made me hate PHYSICS...NUMBERS...CELAKA!!!
-A girl made me had my first ever single digit in an examination...damn...
-A girl made me looked at her butt when she doesn't realised it....haha..dah terdesak..and gersang..what can a man do?

-A girl, two in fact, actually watched and loved HOUSE...haha.
-I met a girl whom last I saw her was back at 2003 when we were in an English camp, together.
-I met lots of girl who were of the same primary school as me.
-I told a girl that I think of her as a lesbian...haha...
-I told a girl that I think of her as a bisexual chick...haha...
-I tried to flirt with this one girl, but she was way too hot for me...
-As time goes by, confidence is back in me and to my amazement, she's open about my jokes and sense of humour...LEGENDARY!!!
-I looked at a girl constantly when she thinks that no one is watching her...
-A girl bought me my first ever motorcycle.
-I started to have feelings for this girl, the ones that are the same as back at 2000.
-A girl made me felt so nervous when talking to her.
-A girl made me felt that I was chewing on my toungue while talking to her.
-But the girl was oblivious so I kept my feelings to myself.

-I watched too much HOUSE and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, this led me to openly tell the girls that I like, that I was physically attracted to them.
-A girl thought that I was weird.
-A girl thought that I was a pervert.
-A girl thought it was cute...haha.
-A girl thought it was awesome.
-I told my feeling to the girl from 2008 and her reactions was...mixed.
-Oh, and I met girls from Africa, who made me felt pretty inferior...haha.

So, there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, with that, my first ever 15 blog entry in my life, is finished. And it's about all the BAD things...and of course them good ones that the opposite sex had done to me...haha.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tag Dari Ehsan

Do you laugh when you hear the word penis?
No, I will ask the person, elephant form mate? haha...

Do you watch porn?'s like the air that I breath...the food that I's that bloody important to me..

What do you think about sex?
cu?Greatest gift by God to men...

How often do you think about sex?
Oh what? Sorry...I was thinking about me getting involved in a foursome just now...

What do you think about virgins?
Ah...greatest birthday gift, EVER!!!

Who will you tag next?
Them people who think that they are virgins...haha.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lot's of info today...haha.

Seriously, I do not know why would someone tried so bloody hard to pendam all the things that what he thought was wrongly done to him by his friends. How should I bloody know that what I'd done, like for example mengepau this particular fella, is an act that he interpreted as kurang ajar. Wait2, are you trying to say that it's ok for other people to talk shit about you, make fun of your family members, and call you stupid names but not ok when it comes to mengepau you with a can of drink? Hmmmm... And when I asked you why you said nothing, instead, you gave me tried to act said all them other things that don't matter to the particular agenda at hand. 

And funny part is, he thought that I wouldn't be able to accept that fact... I wouldn't be able to accept that I was being kurang ajar to him. For the record...I need to tell you guys this:


Yes...yes, keep that thought in your mind, about what could I'd possibly experienced that could be so bloody bad. Yes...yes...imagine it, and BOOM! It's a whole lot worst than what you'd imagined. I can say that it's around 3 or 4 people, probably 3 girls and 1 boy, knew this secret of mine... And that particular boy should really feel special...not everyday he can hear that type news from anyone, But now, I think I had doubts amongst 4 people I'd chosen to tell my secret to...damn. 

And because of that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to say that, if I'd done many bad things to you, probably the ones that I didn't noticed, I really, really, really do appreciate it if you would tell me. Don't keep it to yourself...I don't want you to EXPLODE in a particular day that would eventually lead to our relationship being uncomfortable. I had went through the worst experience that any person shouldn't had went through. And if you think that that didn't make me tough inside, then I think you should suck more DICK!!! haha.. Seriously, I can handle the truth. Because the truth that I handled before, is far worst than what you guys can possibly give me...far for it...wait for it....LEGENDARY worst!!! haha... (I'm a Barney Stinson fan now...haha )

Hmmmm, before writing this entry, I read this other entry. It's about a girl... Hahaha...she just made a complete fool out of herself with her blog describing her with being other than a complete fool...haha...trying to censor this entry so that no one could possibly guess who the girl is... She's not too particularly conscious about the limitations of touch between men and women as describe in the Holy Quran, nor did the boy but she did wrote stuffs that I think would make her such a bloody, stupid, hypocratic bitch...damn.

Oh, and I want to thank to the people that made me so happy just now at Alamanda...actually i'm referring to a girl...trying to stir up something...haha....or do I???

Oh, and I want to make a shout out to that particular boy...haha. I know we are cool right now, but I just want people to judge whether who's wrong, you or me... I GOT A GREAT IDEA!!! Why don't you start an entry to respond to this one? But I think people would by then know that the people I'm talking about is you...bummer... HIGH FIVE!!! haha..

And one more thing. I predicted that this particular lovey-dovey relationship would last for a maximum of 6 months...but it turns out that it didn't even reached 3...haha...I'm giving that particular guy too much credit... Ni kira menyebarkan fitnah ke? Hmmm.... Anyway, it's fun sometimes to play God and predict the demise and destruction of the happiness of others...haha. It makes me feel......wait for it...wait for it...LEGENDARY!!! haha...

Semuanyer superficial...plastic...ceh.

And to that particular guy, suka hati you la...nak pilih yang mane. I'm not gonna be all sensitive and emo with you....or will I? haha...

So, there you have it. With that ladies and gentlemen, I finished my first 9th blog entry in my life...haha.