Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something for my friend....

Every now and then I fall in love,
Every now and then I think I'm head over heels for you;
But when I see how free is the flying dove,
I must now say that I think I just like you.

But wait I think I'm not quite sure,
Maybe it's just my hormones messing with me;
So I asked my friends just to be sure,
But I think they're just messing around with me.

Even though your friend tried to warn you,
They're busting their ass just to save you;
But you decided that love conquers all,
Until reality knocks and hit you hard in the balls.

And yet you still think it's just a game,
Where everything revolves around you;
She kept on talking and mentioning your name,
Makes your pee-pee working overtime for you.

Seconds turn to minutes and then to hours,
From hours it slowly changes into days;
With weeks you finally think that things couldn't get sour,
Until sickness kept you in bed for days.

Because of that you didn't contact her,
Because of that she thinks you don't like her;
So she moved on with another guy in order to please her,
But you, were left out with memories about her.

But you think that this is not what you want,
And you think that this is certainly what you need;
But I told you before that you can't always get what you want,
But if you try you'll get what you need.

So you tried hard to make things good,
You tried even harder to make things better;
But my friend sometimes we are like football boots,
Where the expensive ones are made of leather. <---(WTF?? Idea raja...haha)

When things turn bad you think it's still not too late,
You tried hard to save everything for true love's sake;
Your friends tell you to find another mate,
Or how about we just buy one for you to make.

You're still defiant you're still ignorant,
You're still thinking that it's still not too late;
But you made a move that were so stupid and blatant,
Now everything you do couldn't undo that mistake.

So now you say that you're over her,
You're ok, moving on, and forgotten all about her;
But suddenly you gave me this shit about giving cupcakes to her,
Seriously, you're making an ass out of yourself for someone like her?

Dude, I'd done all things humanly possible for you,
Just hoping that you would stop going down this path;
Cause I afraid that if something happened to you,
I can't always be there to lend you my back. month since my last entry, and I come up with this shit...