Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Arsenal fan's Christmas wish to Santa

     Dear Santa, I'd been quite a decent boy for the past 11 months. Do not roll your eyes thinking "Here we go again," and bear with me here for a tad while as I have paid my dues as an Arsenal fan and deserve your attention for the length of this entry. It's not fair that only 7 year-old kids can get Christmas presents from you and not me.

     First thing's first, dear Santa, I would like to wake up to the sight of The TARDIS on Christmas morning in my room. Sure it's a powerful machine so I'm fine with you just lending it to me for an hour or so ( according to your time progression and not mines. And surprisingly, it didn't happen. D: ). I am going to make sure that Gervinho does not miss his penalty in the past AFCON!

     Next, could you please give Arsenal FC the funds for a decent defensive minded midfielder? Or at least give Arteta some physical presence and bite in the middle of midfield. I must admit Arteta is currently doing a great job in the role that is new to him but God forbid he gets injured in February, we're only left with Coquelin and Diaby! I don't think Wenger quite trust Coquelin yet as he's not even featured against lesser teams and Diaby will just crumble into pie crumbs whenever the air particles around him start to get naughty.

     Interestingly, Arteta is indeed playing an alarmingly large amount of matches thus far. Even the once indestructible Verminator succumbed to injury so what's stopping Arteta from ending up on the treatment table sooner rather than later? Guess we should also change Vermaelen's nickname to Verminator-who-is-indestructible-bar-once-or-twice-last-season?

     And not to mention the notoriously (proud?) record of injuries plaguing Arsenal players of seasons past, surely even a gambler like Wenger will not take this unnecessarily HUGE risk with all the pressure in the world that is currently mounting, just waiting to explode with his next wrong move?

     But I'm not at all surprised if he's all jacked up with adrenaline and testosterone tempting fate for the next 6 months. Nothing surprises me anymore as an Arsenal fan.

     Dear Santa, if you don't like the idea of giving out free money, could you give Bouldy some sort of voice during the team's training sessions? At least make it possible for him and Wenger to be able to work together for the sake of the club. Have you seen our "Zonal Marking" when defending corners?

     Could it be that it was Bould's idea but with Wenger's execution, on how to defend a set piece? :D Sarcasm inserted there if you were oblivious.

     Maybe Wenger is getting his weekly dose of testosterone and adrenaline by watching this Arsenal side defend corners? Meaning that it is inevitable that he will entice les seins amples de chance de dame for the next 6 months? Sacrebleu! :D

     I know that most Arsenal fans are clamouring for a new striker. I agree with them but to a certain degree. Great sides are built on a solid foundation. Ever since The Invincibles our defense were gradually weakening and long nights were spent on me hoping and dreaming that our defense would one day be as well drilled during Mourinho's tenure at Chelsea; a well oiled, uncompromising, no-nonsense impenetrable machine.

     Personally I'm hoping that Steve Bould could (would) revolutionize Arsenal's defence this season, which is the case based on the first 3 clean sheets at the start of the season, and thus releasing Wenger and giving him more room to maneuver in January. But with the current clash of egos between the two that is not yet solved, alas, wishful thinking at it's best yet again!

     Dear Santa, this will be the last thing that I want from you in this list. There seems to be an apparent divide between the anti-Wenger "revolutionary" mob and the pompous AKB brigade.

     I am clear with my stand that we should see how January pans out transfer wise. If things are still the same, with the problems associating with Arsenal right now evident for everyone to see bar Wenger, I guess sadly that it's time for him to go AT THE END OF THE SEASON. 

     But one thing that I'm intrigued with with the anti-Wenger mob is that things are cooling down since the 3 consecutive wins we managed to chalk up on the board. I'm not questioning their allegiance or where their loyalty lies but maybe these lot should not only shout when the team is drawing or losing games?

     It's getting annoying and yes, I'm referring to you Piers Morgan.

     And don't get me started with the colouful vocabulary these guys are using. In hindsight maybe these lot should keep their "radical" opinions to themselves? They're making a fool out of themselves. And they got nothing nice to say even when the team is winning!

     And those from the AKB brigade, don't blindly go support the man only because you lot owe him based on his past contributions. Did we survive life post-Adams, post-Viera, post-Henry, and recently post-v.Persie? Yes, yes, yes and we are about to. But God bless most of these from the AKB brigade for not acting like those from the anti-Wenger mob.

     Sure we can have different opinions but that does not justify one's actions to be all rude and creative with the language.

     Last time I checked victoria concordia crescit is very much an Arsenal thing.

     Bickering around with vulgarity could not possibly result in harmony.

     You can't be divided to achieve victory.

     Maybe, just maybe, my Christmas wish from you Santa, after all, is only Victory Through Harmony because that's what makes Arsenal tick. :)

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a blessed and happy festive season ahead.

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